For young inventors and creators

ohbotMost robots in primary schools are floor based turtles. It’s been like this since the invention of Logo in the 1960s.

Although turtles are great, there’s a whole world of creative possibilities that are beyond them. We think children should have access to a creative robot system that is modelled on themselves, that they can program to talk, display emotions, act, react and solve real world problems.

Construct and program

So we are developing Ohbot, a kit robot that primary children can assemble in an hour, connect to a computer and bring to life by scripting programs using easy drag-block software modelled on Scratch.

Ohbot will come with a pack containing the kit, various sensors, straightforward making instructions, software, speech capability and challenge projects developed by Dan Warner - a teacher and ICT expert.


The projects will challenge children to bring Ohbot to life. This might start with sequencing movements and sounds to make Ohbot a street performance poet. Progressing to giving Ohbot human-like behaviours such as being frightened of too many visitors or shivering on a cold day.

Projects are focused on developing computational thinking skills. They also help to develop an understanding of key programming concepts including sequencing, repetition, selection and working with variables. Schools can use the challenges to address the Computer science elements within the National Curriculum for Computing.

What’s next?

Ohbot will be launched at BETT and will cost under £100 including software and projects.

We have been selected to be part of the BETT 2015 Futures cohort.  Meet us, and Ohbot on stand BFS2.

Ohbot is a collaboration between Dan Warner, a teacher and former LA advisor, and Mat Walker, a roboticist and engineer who developed the Inkha robot receptionist at Kings College London.

For more on Ohbot visit www.ohbot.co.uk